Cards by Judy Hayes are from her original paintings and drawings. They are inspired by the beauty and intricate patterns and designs found in nature. She likes to explore various media such as watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, collage and gel pen. 

Cards are available in 5 X 7 size or in quantities of four or eight, both individually and mixed sets of four. Each card comes with an envelope in a plastic

Judy Hayes has been drawing ever since she was young, but due to the important priorities of raising three daughters and working as a nurse, she did not have the opportunity to begin formal art education until later in her life.

Judy began taking art classes in 1990, first at Milwaukee Area Technical College, then later at Alverno College, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and Womanspace Center in Rockford, Illinois. She followed in the footsteps of her father who became an oil painter very late in life. Judy's work has been exhibited at shows in the Milwaukee area and Rockford, Illinois and is found in many private collections. 

Inspiration for Judy's art is most often gained from her observations and photographs made while traveling with her husband and muse Howard, who as Judy says: makes everything possible. In her art she shares her vision of the colors, lines, patterns and shapes of the natural world, with a need to interpret what is experienced.