Lynn Herrmann is a co-founder of Something and More Crafts and Gifts and has enjoyed woodcrafting and other types of crafts for many years. She started out by learning how to braid rugs with her grandmother.  Her grandmother would pin 3 strips of cloth to the back of the couch and Lynn would braid the 3 strips of cloth over and over again until grandma said it was good enough.  Then  grandmother would unwind it and tell her to do it again.  She got her love of hand stitching and weaving rugs from her mother.  She was lucky to get her great grandmother's loom from her Mom and to have had parents with the patience to show her how to string up the loom and to weave rugs on it.  She also enjoys quilting, using the scroll saw and many other woodworking tools.

Lynn enjoys working on joint quilting projects with her sister Karen.  Karen has a Babyloc Embroidery Machine and will embroider all types of designs from wildlife, flowers, barns, kid items and more.  Lynn will then take and make them into one of a kind quilts, wall hangings, table runners or potholders.  It's a great way for her to do fun projects with her sister.  Once a year in the fall, at the Town Hall in New Albin, Iowa, they have a family show.  One of her nieces does a scrumptious bake sale, one serves a delicious lunch, one does beautiful wreaths and decorations and now her great nieces and nephews are getting into making crafts.  When Lynn adds her scroll saw items, Karen's embroidered items and their joint items, the town hall is full.

Lynn ended up a woodcrafter, after she purchased a scroll saw for her husband for Christmas.  Once he got her to sit down and try it, the scroll saw was no longer his present, but hers. "I always thought my husband would be the woodcrafter, not me, I was somewhat afraid of using some of the tools." One of her specialty woodcrafter items is the miniature Grandfather Clock.  She can personalize it by adding a family name across the top or creating a new scroll saw design for the front.  Some of her designs have included unicorns, eagles, ducks and camping scenes.  Lynn has assisted in scroll saw demonstrations at A-Line Machine and Tool using the Delta Scroll Saw.  By doing this, she has shared her love of being a woodcrafter and also some timps for other that want to be a woodcrafter.  Besides creating new designs for the front of the Miniature Grandfather Clocks, she has designed shelves, desk clocks, wall hangings and  items to put on display.  Her husband has had to put many of her tools, like the bandsaw, tablesaw and others on wheels because she has more tools than she has room in their shop.
When she isn't working at her full time job, Lynn's favorite pastime is spending time with her family, especially her grandson.  If she isn't playing with her grandson, you can probably find her down in the sewing room or out in the shop being a woodcrafter.

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln