Quilter Lynn and her sister Karen combined their talents to create these beautiful combination quilts.  Karen embroiders and Lynn does the quilting.  The finished results are amazing, colorful, quilts that would make a great gift for giving or your home.

These quilts can be purchased by Item Number on Lynn and Karen's website linked below.
  1. Little Girls Fancy Quilt
    Price: $125.00
    Little Girls Fancy Quilt
    102LH268. Size 38" x 48". Contains 10 machine embroidered photos related to little girls done in shades of pink
  2. Circus Train Kids Quilt
    Price: $125.00
    Circus Train Kids Quilt
    102LH344. Size 34" x 40". contains 12 adorable machine embroidered designs of a clown leading a train full of adorable baby animals.
  3. Irish Charm Quilt
    Price: $265.00
    Irish Charm Quilt
    102LH356. Size 66" x 82" A one of a kind Irish quilt containing 20 machine embroidered beautiful Irish inspired designs.
  4. Eagles Lap Quilt
    Price: $225.00
    Eagles Lap Quilt
    1102LH138. Size 50" x 58". Contains10 beautifully detailed Eagles. Perfect for that Eagle lover or collector in your family.
  5. Little Girls Dreams
    Price: 3$125.00
    Little Girls Dreams
    102LH297. Size 38" x 46". Contains 10 machine embroidered photos related to little girls done in shades of pink and lavender.
  6. Fun Animals Kids Quilt
    Price: $125.00
    Fun Animals Kids Quilt
    102LH271. Size 34" x 42". contains 10 machine embroidered photos of the adorable animals
  7. Sweet Fairies Quilt
    Price: $265.00
    Sweet Fairies Quilt
    102LH444. Size 60" x 78". Precious little fairies machine embroidered on a light background accented with a pink, lavender and blue fabric.
  8. Lions, Tigers and More
    Price: $225.00
    Lions, Tigers and More
    102LH302. Size 48" x 64". Contains 10 machine embroidered big beautiful lions, tigers and more.
  9. Sports History Quilt
    Price: $225.00
    Sports History Quilt
    102LH300. Size 52" x 74". Contains 19 machine embroidered assorted sports symbols, including Basketball, Soccer, Car Racing, and more.
  10. Little Girls Fancy
    Machine Embroidery
    Little Girls Fancy
    102LH268. Sample Embroidery
  11. Circus Train
    Machine Embroidery
    Circus Train
    102LH344. Sample Embroidery.
  12. Irish Charm
    Machine Embroidery.
    Irish Charm
    102LH356. Sample Embroidery.
  13. Whimsical Birds & Flowers
    Price: $225.00
    Whimsical Birds & Flowers
    102LH073. Size: 55" x 66", with 16 beautifully machine embroidered delicate birds and flowers.
  14. Antique Sewing Machines
    Price: $225.00
    Antique Sewing Machines
    102LH446. Size: 46" x 58". Contains 12 machine embroidered sewing machines from the past.
  15. Big Cats
    Price: $245.00
    Big Cats
    102LH350. Size: 66 "x 85". Contains 12 machine embroidered Lions and Tigers.
  16. Big Cats
    Machine Embroidery
    Big Cats
    102LH350. Sample Embroidery.
  17. Antique Sewing Machines
    Price: $225.00
    Antique Sewing Machines
    102LH305. Contains 10 machine embroidered sewing machines and all the necessities for sewing.
  18. AntiqueSewing Mach.
    Machine Embroidery
    AntiqueSewing Mach.
    102LH446. Sample Embroidery.
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Having quilts for sale is not a new idea, it's been around along time. The art of quilting is more than just providing an income. The early settlers brought with them their skills and techniques for quilting on cloth. From there quilting grew in many ways, from decorations on cloth, to layers of cloth quilted for bedding and up to elaborate quilts and quilted wall hangings.

Patchwork quilts were known to have become family heirlooms and handed down to the next generation. It is even reported that George Washington's mother left him a quilt. If it was  listed among the quilts for sale, I wonder what the price would be. Quilts have been used for preserving memories by using personal clothing in them and even used for hidden messages for the underground railroad, but the most practical use is to provide comfort and warmth.

Recently, I was going through my Hope Chest that I had gotten from my grandparents and came across the beautiful hand tied patchwork quilt that my mother had made. I can remember when I was younger not appreciating all the time and love that Mom had put into the ones that she made for us. Little did I know then that I would be a quilter one day and have a whole new respect for the art.

We grew up out in South Dakota, and like so many areas, the winters were cold and often times windy. We had a big old farm house with a wood heater in the middle of the living room floor that kept it warmer downstairs then upstairs where our bedrooms were. It always seemed like the wind would find its way into the house and up the stairs. Having the warm quilts on the beds at night were great.

We have a lot of beautiful quilts for sale available. We have wildlife and bird ones, kids and multicolor quilts for sale, some with embroidery or without embroidery. If you are looking for a unique and one of a kind gift for that someone special I'm sure you will find the perfect one among the variety of quilts for sale that we have listed.