Mari Guckenberger  is a co-founder of Something and More Crafts and Gifts. At the age of 10 she learned how to knit from one of her seven sisters. Since then she has worked on pottery, stain glass, creating novelty items, knitting and her #1 passion of sewing. Mari’s first love is sewing and creating specialty items like the Kindle, Nook and Sony electronic reader covers, aprons and purses that you see on this web site.

Mari discovered quilting when she moved to LaCrosse, WI and visited the Amish areas.  She had heard of Amish Country and was very interested in their way of life.  She was amazed at the Amish handwork and couldn't believe it when she ran across a Amish farmhouse with a sign stating Quilts. More astonishing was what she found inside.  There were a 100 or more quilts, one more beautiful than the other and of course she had to purchase one. The Amish woman explained to her how they get together in the winter when the work outside is done and spend their days quilting.  Most of the Amish quilts I saw were sewn with a foot peddle sewing machine and then hand quilted.   Not knowing how they made the tiny squares and triangles come together she decided to take a quilting class and since then has made over 100 quilts and wall hangings that are now being used or displayed though out the country.

The Kindle/Nook/Sony electronic reader cover idea came about when her sister Nancy showed her the Kindle she received for Christmas from her husband Tom.  It came with a simple black hard cover and Mari recognized that a beautiful quilted book cover would look much better.

Mari retired in February 2010 from her full time job and envisioned selling her craft items. Although she enjoys going to craft shows, she wanted these items available year round and decided to try internet selling. She soon found other crafters who felt the same way and thus started Something and More Crafts and Gifts.

Mari and her husband love to travel and have been looking for a place to winter. When friends invited them down to visit their villa in Mexico 6 years ago they fell in love with the area and have since purchased their own villa (home).  She found many artisan in the area and decided to share some of them with you by bringing back their crafts such as corn husk dolls and weavings.  You can watch a video on both which shows how they are made.  Look on the site under Mexican Arts.  These are not factory made.  Some of the looms are over 100 years old and still in the same family. 
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