Something and More began as an on-line consignment store that enabled crafters and artisans to sell their items year round, similar to the popular Etsy website. The owners of Something and More have participated in craft/holiday shows and consignment stores for many years. We eventually wanted another outlet for sharing our products.   In our quest we found other artisans who shared our goals and joined us in this adventure. Since most of our items are available in small quantities, we could be creative and concentrate on quality.
The majority of the crafters and artisans selling on Something and More were from the Midwest, predominately from the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. We grew to have artisans in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

While we were similar to Etsy, there were significant differences between Something and More and Etsy that were in the customer’s favor. Unlike Etsy, we were a small community of crafters that knew and worked well with each other. Also, unlike Etsy, Something and More evaluated artisans and products to be offered on-line before being listed, thereby ensuring the basic quality of the products you would see. In contrast, the Etsy website did not have that oversight, and listed over 7 million items in over 30 categories, each with many subcategories.  And finally, unlike Etsy, we were a single source for the transactions with all our crafters and ensured that your requests for information were shared with our crafters and answers fed back to you.

After 6 years operating with other artisans, in April 2016 we decided to focus on our own creations, and set up stores on Etsy.  To be sure, you will receive the same quality and customer service as you were accustomed to in the past.
Click on the “About Us” menu to learn more about each of us.   Or Click on the “Crafting Hints” menu for tips in a broad area of crafting.  Or Click on the “Crafting Articles” menu for interesting information on a wide variety of unique crafts.

If you have any questions about our products, please Click on the “Contact Us” menu for our email address and ask Mari. Looking forward to serving you,
We hope you will enjoy browsing through the variety of items we have to offer in our Etsy store. Be sure to check back often as new items will be appearing on a regular basis and will be featured here.

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